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Carlota Fariña


Mousse saladas

I’ve only recently discovered savoury cookies and wow…was it a nice discovery! Used to eating toasted crackers, this opened my eyes and it’s definitely new for me and a better way to enjoy cheese and cold cuts. On this occasion, I’ve tried savoury cookies with spelt wheat from Biocop, which apart from being bio, are truly delicious. I combined them with two mousses I made at home and I want to share them with you today. These are the ingredients you will need for these two mousses with savoury cookies. 



Savoury cookies from Biocop


For the gorgonzola mousse

200 gr ricotta cheese

100 gr gorgonzola cheese

10 walnuts

2 tbsp cream


For the pistachio mousse

100 gr ricotta cheese

75 gr pistachios

1 ½  tsp cream

Mousse with savoury cookies


Let’s start by preparing first the gorgonzola mousse in a blender or mincer. First the walnuts, then the rest of the ingredients. Be sure everything is well-mixed. Transfer to a bowl and add some walnuts on the top. 

Now we’re going to prepare the pistachio mousse. First, add the pistachios in the mincer and then, the ricotta cheese and cream. Once the ingredients are combined, serve in a bowl adding some pistachios too. 

Serve these two mousses with savoury cookies from Biocop and… buon appetito! 


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