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Carlota Fariña


A few days ago I published a photo on my Instagram account with these turmeric crêpes with ricotta cheese and broccolini. I asked you if you would like to have the recipe and lots of you said yes! So here it goes! It’s very easy to prepare and you can change the whole milk for oat milk or another one you prefer.

It’s not the first time I published a crêpes recipe. Actually almost two years ago, when I started this blog, I posted a sweet recipe, so I thought it was a good moment to add a savoury one. What I love about this recipe in particular it’s the turmeric flavour combined with the broccolini and ricotta, one of my favourite Italian cheeses.

And now, it’s your turn, tell me, have you ever eaten this veggie before? It was developed in Japan in 1993 as a hybrid of broccoli and Kai-lan (a type of Chinese kale), rather than being genetically modified. It’s very quick to prepare, just steam it 5 minutes, so in this way we’ll keep better their benefits as it’s high in vitamine A, C, has a high fibre content and rich in the enzyme indole 3 carbinol, which aids liver detoxification and helps maintain hormone imbalance.


INGREDIENTS for about 6 crêpes

300 ml (1 ⅓ cups) whole milk

200 gr (1 cup)  wholegrain flour

3 tsp turmeric

3 eggs 

A pinch of salt

Ricotta cheese 

Steam broccolini to taste (also called Tenderstem)



Start by sifting the flour and add it to a mixing bowl with the milk, turmeric, eggs and a pinch of salt. When all the ingredients are well-combined, you can prepare the crêpes.

In a frying pan  (I used a 20 cm / 8 inches wide) over medium-high heat, pour the mix, about a ladle for each crêpe. Stretch it out covering the entire surface of the pan. Cook  both sides for two minutes or until light brown.

Meanwhile steam the broccolini for about 5 minutes. Fill the crêpes with ricotta and broccolini to taste and… buon appetito!



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