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Carlota Fariña


Still summertime, nice weather so, why do not try something new to eat this period? If you are tired of the same salads, today I am updating the blog to suggest this spelt salad with peaches and fresh basil. So delicious! When summer arrives to Italy there are  typical salads such the fennel ones, venere salads, and this one. I remember when I was living there ten years ago (mamma mia, time really flies!) everyone ate these a lot!

In Italy they called it «farro» and it’s a cereal full of good benefits. Did you know it’s the oldest grain cultivated by humans? It also has less calories than other cereals, it’s rich in vitamin B and full of proteins. This is why this is a filling recipe but still so good!

So a few weeks ago, while I was making my shopping at Gadis Supermarket, I discovered the spelt already cooked. I have to confess I bought a lot of cans that day! It’s so convenient and these don’t have any added sugars.

I usually prepare spelt salads with lots of veggies and different cheeses, but since we are in summer and there are lots of peaches around, this time I decided I will post this idea of spelt salad.



140 gr (¾ cups) spelt

70 gr (⅜ cups) sweet corn

30 gr black olives (like 15)

A big peach

Fresh basil

Extra virgin olive oil to season



In a bowl add the spelt, sweet corn, olive and the peach, cut into wedges. Season with a good extra virgin olive oil, and place some basil leaves. I always have basil plants at home!

Serve and… buon appetito!



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