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Carlota Fariña


Rissoto ai frutti di mare, I mean, seafood risotto! Mmm… my mouth is watering right now! If you read this blog from the beginning, you already know it’s not the first risotto I am publishing here. Go here to read the recipe about risotto with artichockes and panceta; pumpkin risotto or risotto with taleggio cheese and speck. Well, now you know, right? Risotto is one of my favourite Italian meals! It’s such a comfort food!

Since I am from the Galician region, in the northwest coast of Spain (so popular for the seafood and fish) I thought it was high time to share one risotto prepared with frutti di mare! So this time I chose common cockles, razor clam (also called razor shell), mussels and squid. I cooked with Carnaroli, the best Italian rice you can use for cooking risotto at home. I usually bought the Italian brand called Scotti that I usually find at Gadis Supermarkets.

Carnaroli rice is better than Arborio to prepare a risotto since it contains more amylose, so this results in a extra creamy meal. Hope you like the recipe. Any doubts, let me know!



1 litre (4 cups) homemade stock fish (fumetto)

160 gr (1 cup) Carnaroli rice

150 ml  (⅔ cup) white wine

250 gr mussels (around 10-12)

200 gr cockles (around 25)

12 razor clams

6 cherrys

Two small squids

One shallot

Extra virgin olive oil

White pepper and salt to taste

Fresh chive, diced


*Note: seafood / fish risottos and pasta dishes are never served with grated cheese in Italy 



Start by cleaning all the seafood from sand as you usually do. Heat the stock (no boil). Now cut in julienne strips the shallot, sauté in a big pan with some olive oil. Then add the cockles. As soon as the shells are open, set aside.

Now in a pot, pour half of the white wine and some olive oil. Add the mussels, and again, once the shells are open, set aside. In another pan cook the squids cut in slices or the way you prefer. Set aside. Repeat the same with the cherrys.

Now it’s the turn to prepare the risotto. So take the pan with the cockles, add the rice, toast it for two minutes, pour the remaining wine, and once evaporated, add the stock a little at a time, add salt to taste and stir constantly. Add stock when needed to prevent the risotto from drying.

At the minute 15th add the squids and mussels, add some extra olive oil and at the minute 17th turn off the heat and keep stirring and pouring olive oil if needed. Decore with chive and add white pepper to taste.

Buon appetito!



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