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Carlota Fariña


Today I’m partnering with La Pasteria and updating the blog with this pasta fusilli with taleggio cheese and veggies. La Pasteria is located at the municipal market of Plaza de Lugo, in La Coruña town. They sell fresh pasta prepared every day just there and you can also find Italian ingredients to prepare your favorite dishes at home. 

If you read this blog frequently or you are already following my account on Instagram, you know I love cheese and I publish posts with cheese recipes. Actually, I also have a recipe here with taleggio. Maybe in your country, it is not very popular but if there is an Italian store in your town, give it a try! Italians use this cheese for multiple recipes such as polenta, pasta, risotto, etc 

Summing up, if you love cheese as I do, you need to try this recipe of fusilli with taleggio and veggies I am writing below.


INGREDIENTS for two people

180 gr (2 cups) fusilli

60 gr (½ cup) taleggio

A few zucchini slices

8-10 cherry tomatoes

A handful of walnuts

Some extra virgin olive oil

Salt to taste



In a grill pan prepare the zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Meanwhile, cut the cheese into pieces and set aside. Cook the pasta with a bit of salt for a few minutes since the fusilli are fresh and need less time to be ready. 

Then strain and return the pasta to the pot, add the taleggio and mix well until the cheese starts to melt. Add the tomatoes, walnuts in pieces, and the zucchini. 

Serve, add extra taleggio and… buon appetito! 



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