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Carlota Fariña


Smoothies are a fantastic way of sneaking in your day, as well as masking fruits, vegetables or superfoods that you may not particularly like in the first place. This is exactly the reason why I decided to add turmeric to my vibrant yellow smoothie this time. I really love turmeric and add it to some of my weekday lunches, but Thomas, my husband is not a particular fan of it.

The thing is that a few weeks ago his doctor, the one who operated him on the Achilles heel, almost a year ago, told him to take turmeric pills to strengthen the other one.

So from now I am using it more at home, and thinking in updating the blog with a smoothie, I thought turmeric is a great idea to make this Yellow Smoothie even more vibrant. And it’s delicious!


350 gr (2 cups) pineapple

200 gr (1 cup) mango

150 ml (1 cup) coconut drink

1 tsp turmeric powder



Clean and cut the pineapple and mango. Place them into a high-power blender with the turmeric and coconut drink. Whizz up for a good few minutes. My pineapple was already frozen, but if you don’t have it on your freezer then add some ice to make your smoothie thicker.

Pour into glasses and…  Buon appetito!




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