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Carlota Fariña


I was looking forward to the New Year to travel to Italy. In November we learned that a friend of Thomas was getting married in January so we decided to visit Rome during our stay in Bologna, the place of the wedding.

In fact, the name of this post refers exactly to what we did while in Rome: wandering through emblematic streets and neighborhoods in the city. Both of us had already visited Rome several times so this is why we thought of spending a relaxing day there on this occasion.

One of the things I really wanted to do was going to the Trastevere area. After crossing the Tiber river, you arrive in this beautiful neighborhood full of alleys and colorful ochre houses. We wanted to make our stop for lunch there so I contacted Flavia, from Tè Verde e Pasticcini, for advice. She immediately suggested going to Tonnarello, an old tavern which has typical dishes from the Roman gastronomy, freshly homemade pasta and pizzas which looked delicious. But Flavia highly advised me to order two specific dishes and we are happy that we followed her suggestion.

Besides the carciofi alla Romana (a typical starter in Lazio), Thomas ordered penne all’ amatriciana and my choice was tonnarelli alla carbonara. If only you could taste them by looking at these photos! To “remedy” this I am sharing with you the authentic recipe of the carbonara.


INGREDIENTS for 2 people


2 eggs

170 gr (1 ⅓ cups) durum wheat flour

30 gr (⅛ cup) semolina flour



4 yolks

150 gr (1 ½ cups) grated Roman pecorino cheese

150 gr (⅔ cup) diced guanciale


To prepare your fresh pasta, follow the instructions from my previous posts here.  To prepare the carbonara, take a medium bowl and beat the egg yolks in it. Add the pecorino and mix well.

Now prepare the guanciale in a frying pan at low heat. The guanciale will lose some of its fat. Throw away half of it and pour the other half into the yolks bowl. Set aside.

Boil the pasta for not more than 2 minutes (note this is fresh pasta). Strain the tonnarelli and place one ladle with cooking water into the bowl. Beat well again and now add everything to the guanciale pan and mix.

Serve immediately and add more grated pecorino on the top of each dish.

Buon appetito!


Photography: Carlota Fariña

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