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Carlota Fariña


Those who feel like having salads every day from now on, raise your hands! When the good weather arrives I eat them everyday! From now on I stop cooking winter dishes to start preparing summer ones. And now that the good weather is finally here I suggest this zucchini spaghetti salad with pine nuts and cherry tomatoes.

This time I am changing the typical dressing I usually add to my salads (EVOO and apple vinegar, for avocado olive oil. I was really looking forward to tasting it as a friend of mine living in Miami talked to me while ago about it and how delicious this is but I couldn’t find it here in my town.

Luckily, I was making my shopping in Gadis supermarkets a few days ago when suddenly I saw it in the oil section. Finally, I was going to have the opportunity to taste it! I love the fact that Gadis is still adding more natural products so they have definitely won me over.

So I bought it and I am using it since then with every fresh dish. Specifically with salads, such as the one I suggest today. I really think this will be “the 2019 summer dish”. I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes, but especially in the summertime, I can’t get enough of it. This salad is a good example.

We have become very fond of the avocado oil seasoning in the spaghetti zucchini. Some days we vary the ingredients but usually these ones and the capers absolutely cannot be missing at all since it’s a very common product in Italy.

INGREDIENTS for two people

Twenty cherry tomatoes

A big zucchini (courgette)

Two handfuls of pine nuts

Two handfuls of capers

The juice of a lemon

Avocado virgin oil brand Sierpe, to taste

Herbes de Provence and fresh basil to taste




Take a veggie spiralizer, the zucchini and prepare the spaghetti with it. Transfer to a big salad bowl and squeeze the lemon over it. This will avoid the zucchini to turn brown. Now toast first the pine nuts in a medium pan and later the tomatoes. I usually add some in halves. Meanwhile, wash well the capers in a colander to remove the salt.

Transfer everything to the bowl and season with the avocado oil. Add the herbes de Provence, basil and salt.

Buon appetito!


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