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Carlota Fariña


I’ve had this idea to prepare flavored butter for quite some time now. You see them frequently in restaurants. One of my favorites is anchovy butter. I just love it! I decided to start with something simple, though, so today we will prepare just two. One for those of you who love spicy food, with chili and paprika, and herb butter, with mint and fresh coriander.

They are both really easy to prepare, but it’s important that you use quality ingredients. I bought all the fresh ingredients I needed for this recipe at Gadis Supermercados (see them below). I also decided to try a butter I had never bought before. Asana is the name of the brand and it’s produced using organic milk from Fleckvieh cows in the Alps. 

I prepared these two delicious kinds of butter at home and enjoyed them on bread. I also made some mini toasts to give you at least one idea of how to serve them. I had the herb butter with some prawns and the spicy butter with dried tomato in olive oil. 

I hope you try them. They are perfect as an appetizer or as an opener, before your main course.



Two bio Asana butter bars (100gr each/ half stick) 

A handful of fresh coriander

A handful of mint leaves

One fresh chili pepper

A tablespoon of paprika



To place on top

Prawns, cooked

Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil



Take the butter out of the fridge beforehand, so they are soft enough that you can easily work with them. Put each one inside a small bowl and set aside. 

Meanwhile, cook the prawns, peel and devein them. Set aside.  Now, chop the coriander and mint, add a pinch of salt and put inside one of the bowls and mix well with the butter. 

Add the paprika and the chopped chili pepper to the other bowl and combine. Place the butter in a dish. Cut the bread in slices, toast it in the oven, grilled pan or toaster and… buon appetito!


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