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Carlota Fariña


We’ve just returned from Portugal, where we spent a couple of quiet and peaceful days in the countryside. Specifically in an area called Cabeceiras de Basto, about 40 minutes by car from the city of Guimarães.

It is a little difficult to make plans in advance these days and it’s not recommendable to stray too far away from home, because of the pandemic. Since the situation is constantly changing, Thomas and I thought we did not want to risk “collecting” too many travel vouchers (we have already accumulated vouchers from our canceled trips to Paris and Martinique) and decided to go somewhere near Galicia.

We did need to disconnect, enjoy some time together, and bring Scooby with us. It did not take us long to discover “A Quinta do Rapozinho” on the Internet. It’s just 300 km away.   

It is located in an expansive plot of land that used to have some old windmills. The property includes six beautifully-restored stone houses. Ours had an outdoor dining area and a small barbecue even, where we prepared some delicious fish. 

Every morning you get a basket with a complete breakfast, including fresh bread from the local baker and a cake that they make themselves.

The area also includes a swimming pool and is surrounded by olive trees and small vineyards. Which was perfect, because I could steal some vine leaves that I will use to prepare one of my favorite Greek recipes. This post, very soon on my blog.

Something we really enjoyed there was the silence and being able to breathe clean air. We also enjoyed the sun, without the tourists. We badly needed to get away after these last months, which have been crazy.



A Quinta do Rapozinho

Rúa José Machado 

Cabeceiras de Basto. 

Distrito de Braga. Portugal




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