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Carlota Fariña


Butternut soup for autumn

What does it mean autumn for you? In my house is symbol of pulling a softy blanket out from the closet and place it in one side of the sofa. It means to prepare more teas than usual and enjoy them watching a film or a TV serie with Scooby by my feet. For me, autumn is also to go for a walk under leaf carpets. In fact, I took a few for the photos you see here. Aren’t they beautiful with these tones?

The weather finally changed a few days ago and with it, those perfect moments enjoying a book while I hear the rain striking the windows. It could not be otherwise, fall is also in part synonymous of starting again as a new scholar year begins. New people are arriving these days to town, and so to the academy, eagers to learn or improve their Spanish skills.

Butternut soup

But if there is something I also love about this season is the arrival of all types of pumpkins. I find good ones at a farmers’ market outskirts of La Coruña and prepare lots of soups with them!

This time I wanted to give a different touch to my classic butternut soup and I added turmeric and fresh ginger to it. I hope you like this version as much as I do!

Autumn soup


400 gr butternut squash (3 ½ cups)

1 big leek

1 medium potato

2 cm fresh ginger (0.8 inches)

4tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1tsp turmeric 

salt to taste



Peel all the vegetables and cut into cubes the butternut and the potato, and slice the leek. Place them in a pot, add the olive oil and cook over a medium heat for a few minutes removing all the time. Then fill with enough water to reach the level of the veggies. Add the curcuma and salt to taste.

Bring all to a simmer for 45 minutes. When it’s done, blend and then purée it.  Serve in soup plates or bowls and with the help of a press, squeeze the fresh ginger on each one.


Buon appetito!



Photography & Stylism: Carlota Fariña

Instagram: #carlotafariñafoodgram




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