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Carlota Fariña


I love trying different things for breakfast on weekends when I have more time to enjoy them. I recently tried a recipe that I liked so much that I’m sharing it with you today. These small mini toasts with scrambled eggs, spinach, salmon roe, and dill are just fabulous. I used Kamut wheat sandwich bread from Biocop, which is not only delicious but it’s also a very healthy eco product, like everything they produce. 

I cooked the spinach the previous day and prepared the egg in the pan while the bread was being toasted. Then I placed the roe and the dill on top, as you can see in the photo. Treating yourself to this wonderful breakfast won’t take up much of your time. Of course, as I usually do for breakfast, I accompanied this with a nice mug of coffee!

INGREDIENTS for three mini toasts

3 slices Biocop’s Kamut bread

40 gr (¼ cup) fresh or frozen spinach

10 gr (1 tbsp)  salmon roe 

1 egg

One branch of dill

Salt and pepper to taste 



Cook the spinach until it’s tender (about 5 minutes), drain and set aside. Create circular mini toasts with a round cookie cutter or a small glass and toast them.

Now beat the eggs in a bowl, add salt and pepper, heat some oil in a pan in low heat and add the beaten egg. With a wooden spatula, mix it continuously in circles until you get the thickness you want. Remove from heat before it’s done, you can continue cooking the egg in the pan with the accumulated heat for about a minute. 

Now, let’s put everything together. Put some spinach on each round slice of bread, then the scrambled egg, and the salmon roe on top. Add some fresh dill.


Buon appetito!


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