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Carlota Fariña


I have to admit, today’s update is not exactly what I’d call a light recipe. But, let’s just enjoy a delicious breakfast, shall we? I hope you like this amazingly simple but savoury French toast with pancetta, mushrooms, and Edam cheese.

If I remember right, I think this is the first time I post a breakfast recipe that is not sweet. And by the way, something this robust, I’m sure you will agree, probably needs to be accompanied by a big cup of coffee.

You will see me cooking a lot these days, during the lockdown. Despite all the activity on social networks, however, the reality behind each photo or video is somewhat different. I usually don’t eat that much, especially now that we don’t really get a chance to burn all those calories. I do, every once in a while, indulge in little pleasures like this one. Today, I simply could not help myself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


INGREDIENTS for 2 sandwiches

4 spelt bread slices

250 gr (2 cups) mushrooms

50 gr (⅓ cup)  pancetta, cut into thin slices

4 slices Edam cheese

3 tbsp. whole fresh milk

2 small eggs

Salt and pepper to taste




Clean the mushrooms using kitchen paper or a wet cloth. Remember mushrooms should never be washed under the running tap, so they don’t lose any of their flavors. Cut them into thin slices, add a little olive oil in a pan, and fry them. Then, cut the pancetta into thin slices as well and fry it too. Remove both from the frying pan and set aside. 

Now put a bit of butter in a pan over high heat. Meanwhile, beat the eggs in a bowl, and add the milk, salt, and pepper. Mix well. Very briefly soak each slice of bread on both sides in this mix and place in a frying pan. Control the heat until they look crunchy and golden on both sides. Do this with every slice of bread.  

Then, place one layer of Edam cheese, one of mushrooms and one of pancetta in each sandwich.  Serve and… buon appetito! 


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