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Carlota Fariña


One of my favorite foods is not fancy at all and can be found in tiny corner shops in Italy. Piadina (or Piadine when it’s plural) is an Italian flatbread prepared in the Emilia-Romagna region. The flatbread is filled with a variety of cheeses, cold cuts, or vegetables, and it’s traditionally made with lard.  It takes time to prepare them, so this is the reason sometimes I prefer to buy and enjoy them. But I’ve just discovered these new piadine by Biocop, and not only they are bio but delicious too. 

These piadine are made with spelt flour, made with olive oil and they have flax and poppy seeds. This time I decided to fill them with grilled veggies, stracciatella cheese, and arugula and they are delicious!! These are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner and even as an appetizer if you are having friends or family at home. 


Spelt piadine with flax and poppy seeds by Biocop

Grilled veggies

Stracciatella cheese




Choose the fill you are going to use: grilled veggies, cheeses, or cold cuts. Meanwhile, in a big pan heat the piadine at medium heat for one minute for both sides. Now, place the ingredients, close it, and eat it immediately. On this occasion, I chose to fill both with Italian stracciatella cheese, and one with grilled veggies and the other with arugula. 

Buon appetito!!!



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