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Carlota Fariña


Crema de avena

A few days ago, while looking for new breakfast ideas, I tried this oat cream with cinnamon and fruit, using the new Suprem oatmeal from Biocop.

In the past few years, porridge and oatmeal have become quite popular once again, mainly thanks to Instagram. But regardless of what people publish on social networks, the truth is that oatmeal has always been a power breakfast, it’s healthy, it fills you up and it’s absolutely delicious.

Biocop oats

On this occasion, I decided to give porridge a little twist. I cooked the suprem oats in a saucepan with hazelnut milk, only for a couple of minutes, not letting the mix boil. I then put all in the blender and voilà! Last, I added some cinnamon, fruit, and dehydrated rose petals for an extra touch. 

Suprem oatmeal is not your regular oatmeal. The flakes are softer and creamier, so they are perfect for this idea. Swedish oatmeal is considered the best in the world. This is mostly thanks to the climate there. Hundred-year-old mills, which are used exclusively for oats, grind the grain. 

I hope you try this idea and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you do, so I can see the results and I can repost on Stories!



100 gr suprem oatmeal

100 ml hazelnut milk

One teaspoon cinnamon 

A pinch of salt


Green apple

Red apple

Optional: dehydrated rose petals



In a saucepan, cook the hazelnut milk and the oatmeal over medium heat. Add a pinch of salt. After a couple of minutes, remove and blend. Serve in a bowl, adding banana slices and apples to taste. Sprinkle some cinnamon and decorate with dehydrated rose petals.

Buon appetito and I hope you enjoy this oat cream with cinnamon and fruit! 



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