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Carlota Fariña


Mini plumcakes

I sometimes get requests via Instagram for snack recipes, so here’s an easy one that’s incredibly tasty as well: mini blueberry lime plumcakes. I have no words to describe just how delicious this combination is. Great to accompany your coffee or tea.

These little plumcakes are totally irresistible. To give them a personal touch, I added a tablespoon of poppy-seed, which you can leave out if you like. It won’t make much of a difference in the final result.

mini plumcakes

INGREDIENTS for 9 mini plumcakes

360 gr flour

250 gr panela sugar

270 gr unsalted butter

30 gr yeast

70 ml squeezed lime juice

5 eggs

1 tablespoons poppy-seeds (optional) 


For topping

Blueberries to taste  

Zest of one lime

150 gr mascarpone cheese

50 gr dessert cream

Delicious mini plumcake


Start by melting the butter and let it cool. Sift the flour and the yeast in a bowl. Use another bowl to mix the eggs and the sugar. Add the squeezed lime juice. If you are going to use poppy-seeds, you should add them now, and then pour the melted butter.

Pour the mix intp the mini cupcake molds and bake at 150ºC for 30 minutes.

Combine the mascarpone cheese and the dessert cream in a bowl. Put this in a pastry bag and when the cupcakes have cooled to room temperature pipe the mix on top, adding blueberries and lime zest for the final touch.

I hope you like it! 


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