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Carlota Fariña


Acai bowl

You may remember that a few months ago I prepared and shot some açai bowl recipes for a company in my city that sells açai pulp. For those not familiar with açai, it’s a small berry typically found in the Amazon and known for its antioxidant and nutritional properties. It resembles a blueberry.

AÇai bowl

Relatively unknown until recently, it has slowly become more and more popular and it can be bought as frozen pulp and in powder. Many coffeeshops today offer açai bowls for breakfast. Some years ago, after a trip to Bali, I received an invitation to an event where several açai breakfasts were presented.


The truth is that I’ve become a real fan over the years of these healthy bowls because they are a great alternative to the classic toast and cereal bowl breakfast.

They are quite easy to prepare and the base consists of:

100 gr açaí pulp 

1 frozen banana (frozen to create the appropriate texture, because we don’t want it to be too liquid)

30 ml coconut  water (you can also use plant milk or simply water) 

You can also add to the blender other fruits like for example red berries or blackberries, always frozen, to create the most interesting combinations. 

Ideas with acai

About the toppings, I always try something different. Here are some ideas and photos I made for Coraçai:

Cacao nibs or chopped chocolate

Banana in slices 



Bits of kiwi or pineapple

Pumpkin or sunflower seeds  

Goji berries

Coconut flakes

Flaked almonds


Peanut or almond butter

Chia seeds


Be creative and try your own combinations and please show me your results by tagging me on Instagram @carlotafarina!

Buon appetito! 



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