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Carlota Fariña


I try and like to eat a salad once a day, no matter what is on the menu or the season! I have friends saying they don’t have salads in winter because for them it’s a summer dish. Well, that’s not my case at all. I love salads and I love the idea of creating new combinations, like this green salad with mozzarella I prepared a few days ago. I combined it with extra virgin olive oil and some fresh basil. 

Super easy and quick too as you will only need 10 minutes. It is a great way to get in extra greens and the flavors are fresh and delicious! I think it will be also great for serving to family and friends at parties when all this lockdown situation improves. Because it is so good and crunchy, I know you will love this green salad with mozzarella! 


INGREDIENTS for two people 

20 wild asparagus

One big zucchini

70 gr (½ cup) fresh peas 

1 big mozzarella di buffala


Fresh basil leaves

Salt and pepper to taste 



Cut the zucchini with a mandoline slicer and boil the slices for 2-3 min. Then, do the same with the peas, and three minutes before ending, add the asparagus. Hereafter, transfer both to a bowl with very cold water. Later strain them. 

Remove the extra liquid of the mozzarella with the help of a kitchen towel and now in a salad bowl add all the ingredients, the mozzarella diced. Dress to taste and finally add a few fresh basil leaves. 



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