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Carlota Fariña



Dear readers of Cuore di Pane, happy start of the week! Have you already come back from your holidays? If, like me, you are already at home coping with going back to work and fearing that the end of the summer is near, I am giving you a recipe to gain strength and face with energy the week: crêpes with lemon and ricotta.

Yesterday I took the photos I am updating the blog with, during Sunday breakfast. Who does not want to get up at the weekend and have a tasty bite to start the day?



250 ml whole milk (1 cup)

180 gr flour (2 cups)

120 gr ricotta (½ cup)

100 gr granulated white sugar (½ cup)

2 big eggs

1 tsp baking powder 

Two grated lemons

A pinch of salt

Some butter for the pan


In a large bowl whisk the milk, the eggs and the grated lemons. Then add the sifted flour and the yeast, the sugar and the salt mixing well. Last, the ricotta.  Once everything is well-combined it is the time to prepare the crêpes. In a frying pan  (I used a 20 cm / 8 inches wide) over medium-high heat, pour the mix, about a ladle for each crêpe. Stretch it out covering the entire surface of the pan. Cook  both sides for two minutes or until light brown.

You can eat them savoury or sweet or take them just with a big mug of coffee!


Buon appetito!



Photography & Stylism: Carlota Fariña

Instagram: #carlotafariñafoodgram



This recipe was taken from Granarolo’s instagram account




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