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Carlota Fariña


I don’t know if you’ve ever tried barley. This cereal is widespread in Italy, where it is called «orzo» and there are many different dishes that you can prepare with it. These include salads, fake risottos (orzotto), meatballs, or soups like this barley soup with champignon and shiitake mushrooms that I’m posting today, in collaboration with Biocop.

A few weeks ago, on Instagram, I told you I was overjoyed to start this collaboration because Biocop produces and distributes products that are certified as coming from organic farming. They have passed the relevant safety and quality controls in the European Union and all their products also comply with fair trade criteria and conform to the highest ethical standards. I really consider these things important.

But now, back to today’s recipe. I don’t know about you, but these days that it’s freezing outside, I permanently feel like preparing soups. Yes, I absolutely love them since they warm you up and I’m sure they are good for the soul too. Nothing can be more comforting when it’s chilly outside! They make you instantly forget about the weather.

A tip: make twice as much, because just one soup bowl won’t be enough!



800 ml (3 ⅓ cups) hot water

100 gr (½ cup) Biocop barley

60 gr (1 cup) shiitake mushrooms

50 gr (1 cup) champignon

50 gr (½ cup) Spanish ham

2 fresh thyme sprigs

One medium carrot

A small onion

1 bay tree leave

A dash of white wine

A dash of extra virgin olive oil



Finely chop the onion, Spanish ham, champignon, and shiitake. In a pot heat the extra virgin olive oil with these ingredients. Cook over low heat for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, peel and slice the carrots and add them to the pot. Then, the bay tree leave thyme and last, the barley. Gently stir occasionally.

Now, add the wine and increase the heat slightly, until the wine has evaporated. After that, pour the hot water and cook uncovered for 30 minutes at medium heat. Once ready, add salt and pepper, and remove the fresh herbs.

Buon appetito!



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