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Carlota Fariña


Mermelada de albaricoque 3

At this beautiful season, I love to prepare at least one type of jam. And this must be special as I like to give some to my family, use it for cakes or simply enjoy it for the quiet Sunday breakfast.

This time I prepared an apricot jam and this week I tried a different recipe. I got inspired reading the fig and vanilla jam recipe at Sandrine’s blog and tried the same steps to prepare mine. I have to say this is the best homemade jam recipe I have ever tried and definitely I am going to use this from now on.


1 kg apricots without the pits (4 cups and a half)

400 gr granulated white sugar (2 cups)

1 vanilla pod

The juice of a big lemon



Cut the apricots into 3-4 pieces each one once removing the pits. Put them in a pot, add the sugar and the lemon juice. Let to rest for one to two hours.

After this time, boil the mix at medium heat for 10 minutes. Then set aside and let it rest for 12 hours. You could stir it occasionally. Later, bring it to a boil again introducing a thermometer inside the pot. When the jam reaches 100ºC (210ºF) it will be ready. So, remove it from the heat and let it cool (this will take a couple of hours) and later pour it in mason jars.


Buon appetito!


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