Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Carlota and I was born and raised in La Coruña, a northwest coast city in Spain. After living in Ireland, I moved Italy in 2008, where I met my husband. Nowadays we live in my hometown with our beloved dog, Scooby.

I love cooking and photographing the food I cook myself. And I love to talk about new recipes. I’ve got craving for sweet things!

Cooking is a pleasure for me because it is a creative experience and I love to seek new recipes and ideas and experiment with them. I like to find a moment for cooking in a healthy way. I love to taste typical flavours and this is the reason for making a culinary workshop each time I go to a foreing country. Eating and sharing food go hand in hand.

Most of the recipes I will publish are easy to prepare. Any doubt you could have, don’t hesitate in dropping me a line. My objective: that you find your own inspiration!

Please keep in mind that my content is copyrighted and I work very hard to produce it. You may not republish or copy a photo from this blog without my permission. You may read here the Spanish law about this.

Buon Appetito!